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National Forklift Safety Day

NATIONAL FORKLIFT SAFETY DAY – 9 JUNE 2020 Today is the annual National Forklift Safety Day, organised by BITA. At RTITB, our purpose is to reduce costs and save lives in workplace transport operations, so we were pleased to see that this year the day is dedicated to highlighting the important issue of separation between pedestrians and materials handling equipment (MHE).   Giving MHE operators the right knowledge, skills and behaviours plays an important part in reducing incidents.  However, we were pleased to see that today there is also a focus on the vital role that managers and supervisors play in keeping people
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The latest on the things that matter…

Protecting your mental health in uncertain timesThere are several ways that you can protect your mental health in uncertain times. We have provided you with some tips that may help you cope with any anxious feelings you are currently experiencing… (Read more) Work from home: Health & Safety and Compliance considerationsIt’s clear to see that remote working can be done very successfully but what are the Health & Safety and Compliance implications of working from home? Who is responsible for homeworkers Health & Safety…? (Read more) How to transition from instructor-led training to eLearningThere are many areas of online training that would benefit any organisation. We have provided some
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