To increase safety and efficiency when working at height, our updated Mobile Elevating Work Platform (MEWP) training course will ensure operators have the necessary skills and knowledge.

The Accrediting Bodies Association for Workplace Transport (ABA) categorises MEWPs – sometimes referred to as cherry pickers or access platforms – into four main groups: 1a, 1b, 3a and 3b, these classify the different capabilities of the machines. The operating environment can significantly vary as well as the machines differing in weight, height, dimension and capacity. The MEWP course has been developed to cover a wide range of vehicle mounted, scissor, telescopic and articulated machines – including the Crown Wave range.

For both safety and compliance, employers must ensure that their operators undergo suitable and sufficient training for the machine type they are required to operate. Our MEWP courses have been designed to be slightly longer than other courses, but really focus on ensuring that the trainee gets sufficient time to practise using the work platform – so that they leave the course proficient in the use of a MEWP – and ready to go on to specific and familiarisation training with their employer.

During the time on the course, attendees will be presented with an introduction to the machinery and its controls, machine stability, setting up the working area and assessing site conditions. Environmental awareness, safe use of hydraulic systems, weight assessment, emergency actions and use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) are also covered.

MEWPs are commonly hired in for one-off tasks and pre-use inspections during the hire period are seen as critical for safety. It is important that we ensured the course to cover this important area, plus how to prepare and secure the machine for transport.

MEWP training can be delivered at an RTITB accredited training centre in the UK, Ireland and Gulf.