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New Drivers Could Face BIG Restrictions on Their Motoring Soon

While we’ve covered the issue of graduated driving licences (GDL) before, this is the first time that the Department of Transport has officially confirmed that it is considering adopting such a system – and is rolling out a pilot in Northern Ireland to see what works and what doesn’t. For instance, according to the new information, anyone under the age of 24 will not be able to have more than one passenger aged 14-20 in their car between the hours of 11pm and 6am. This restriction will apply during the first two years of having a licence. The reason? Research
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Company fined after worker loses leg in forklift accident

Delivered UK has been forced to pay fines of over £130,000, plus further costs, after an agency driver lost a leg following an accident at its Slough based depot. At the time of the incident, which occurred in September 2014, the driver was pushing a trolley carrying parcels alongside a row of vehicles. When he reached the end of the row, a forklift truck reversed out of a shutter door, striking the driver and trapping his foot in the rear wheel. As a result of the incident, the worker suffered from fractures and crush injuries to his foot and leg.
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