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Fact sheets on owning and operating fork lift trucks

As the UK’s largest and most authoritative organisation in the fork lift truck industry, the FLTA receives many requests for information and advice. To make that service even more accessible, the Association has created this library of Fact Sheets which address many of the most important and frequently asked questions, including: “How long does a fork lift licence last?” “How old do I need to be to operate a fork lift?” “What is Thorough Examination?” …and many more. If you have a question that is not covered here, please email us on and we will try to provide you
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How To Tell If Your Forklift Is Worn Out

Your business relies on the safe and reliable operation of your forklifts, so it essential that regular inspections are carried out to ensure they are not too worn out.  A forklift which is regularly maintained will last a long time, but, eventually, all machines reach a point when they need to be replaced.  This article will help you both spot the signs of wear and advise you how to prolong your machines life. The forks.  The actual forks of the machine should be measured regularly to ensure that wear does not exceed 10% of the nominal thickness.  A 10% wear to
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Emissions fraud: over 100 operators under investigation

More than 100 lorry operators caught deliberately damaging air quality Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) examiners found 293 lorries fitted with emissions cheat devices at roadside checks between August and November 2017. Published 12 January 2018 From: Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency and Traffic Commissioners for Great Britain In August 2017, DVSA started to include checks for emissions cheat devices in roadside checks of lorries at 5 locations across Great Britain. By the end of November 2017, DVSA examiners had searched 3,735 lorries at these locations and found 293 lorries with a cheat device fitted. The drivers and operators were
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